Praise for Outset has come in from Chicago, around the United States, and around the globe. Read some of what's been said.

via NextBop:

"Whether you want to listen to modern jazz juxtaposed against the music’s history or just hang out and relax with some tunes, Outset on repeat is recommended. Every phrase, every rhythm is carefully crafted for the listener, but it never loses its sense of humor or ability to entertain. This is serious music that doesn’t take itself too seriously."


via Chicago Reader:

"...the most rewarding parts of the quartet’s new eponymous debut...are when the horns navigate themes together, either tracing tart unison lines or trading phrases with preternatural anticipation."


via  Something Else Reviews:

"the four use moxie and creativity to make the harmonics of Meinhardt’s compositions complex and complete, even if the appeal of them is simple...Outset’s astute avoidance of clutter and unnecessary noise serves the music well, and yet they find ample space for finesse"

via Here Comes the Flood:

"These musicians like to risks, but never forget to keep listening to each other...Exquisite tone, separation and dynamics make this album an instant cult-jazz favorite."